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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Because of their build and low visibility, motorcycles can leave riders exposed to catastrophic injuries during accidents.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you get the care and compensation you need if a negligent driver or party caused your accident.

At Chiaf Law Offices, P.C. in Oklahoma City, OK, our motorcycle accident lawyers can guide you through what to do next...

What Steps Can I Take to Build a Strong Case? Preserve Evidence after a Motorcycle Accident

Get Medical Care

Seek medical care immediately. Do not refuse recommended medical care, as this can affect your accident case later on. The diagnoses made by physicians, surgeons, and mental health professionals can establish that the motorcycle accident caused serious injuries and emotional trauma. Be sure to save all bills and receipts related to medical care, including transportation and gas costs, to support your complete claim for compensation.

Take Photos 

Take photos of the scene of the accident as soon as possible. This includes property damage to your motorcycle and the crash site. You can also note the weather and road conditions since these factors can contribute to accidents. In addition, take photos of the victim's injuries, starting immediately after the accident and throughout recovery. Photos serve as strong evidence when negotiating with insurance company attorneys or litigating cases in court.

Contact an Attorney

Only a motorcycle accident attorney can properly assess the potential of a motorcyclist's case. The sooner you reach out to Chiaf Law Offices, the better our chances are of preserving all of the evidence surrounding the car accident or other incident that impacted you. We can handle all legal aspects so you can focus on recovery.

Get the Police Report

In order to obtain a police report following a motorcycle crash, you will need to contact the local police department. In many cases, our attorneys can assist you with obtaining a copy of the police report, which often contains important information such as the details of the crash, the other driver, and witnesses.

Why work with a law firm?

Why Should I Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer? Insurance Companies Aren't On Your Side

If other vehicles were involved and another driver is clearly at fault, some motorcycle riders might be hesitant to hire an attorney. Do you find yourself asking, "Isn't that what insurance is for?" The truth is, large insurance companies are never on your side.

Don't Settle Before Talking to an Attorney

While insurance companies often offer victims the lowest compensation possible, a lawyer is personally invested in helping you reach a full, fair settlement or verdict. Motorcycles leave riders vulnerable to serious injuries. In severe cases, family members might need to file a wrongful death suit. Before settling anything with an insurance company, contact a lawyer.

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If you believe that the negligence or recklessness of another party led to your accident, our Oklahoma City, OK, law firm may be able to help you recover compensation for your wrongful death or motorcycle accident case. Attorney Joey Chiaf has been practicing personal injury law for 35 years and is a member of: 

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Motorcycle Accidents in Oklahoma A Look at the Statistics

The Clock Is Ticking...

Similar to a car accident, motorcycle accidents fall within the field of personal injury. According to Oklahoma state law, the injury lawyers at our Oklahoma City firm will need to file a claim within two years following the accident. This restriction is known as the statute of limitations.

While two years might sound like a generous time frame, it is imperative that you begin communicating with a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible. We have a better chance of fully investigating all circumstances of the case and preserving evidence when we get to work on your claim in the immediate aftermath of the accident.

Infographic: We will need to file a claim within 2 years

What Do Personal Injury Claims Cover?

Following a motorcycle accident, our law firm knows you and your family are not only facing tangible bills but also invisible effects. The future might feel uncertain, but during a free consultation at our Oklahoma City practice, we can precisely outline what types of compensation you can expect. Motorcycle accident victims typically recover money to offset:

Medical Bills

This category might include ambulance transportation, the cost of surgical procedures, anesthesia, and post-operative medications. Some victims will require costly rehabilitation programs to fully overcome the effects of the motorcycle accident.

Lifestyle Effects

Victims might require compensation for modifications that need to be made to their homes or vehicles. For example, if you have become paralyzed, your home might require a ramp in order to accommodate a wheelchair.

Reduced Working Capacity

Following a serious motorcycle accident, certain types of workers might not be able to return to work full time or you might be unable to work at all. In other cases, you might need to transfer to another department or even another industry. 

Emotional Impact

Crashes of this nature have an undeniable emotional impact. Your relationships might suffer or you might be diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. These effects are often referred to collectively as "pain and suffering."

Funeral Costs

If you have lost a loved one following a catastrophic motorcycle accident, no amount of money can provide a sense of normalcy. However, you deserve to be compensated for costs like funeral expenses. If your loved one was the primary earner for your family, this will also be taken into consideration. 

Serious Injuries and Bias Against Motorcyclists A Lawyer Can Seek a Fair and Just Outcome

Motorcyclists are not only more vulnerable to suffering more serious effects than parties involved in car accidents. Time and time again, our clients have experienced the unfortunate fact that many drivers are biased against motorcycle riders. Some people who hear about motorcycle crashes immediately assume the rider must have been behaving recklessly, speeding or weaving between traffic. This bias can color multiple facets of your case, from eyewitness accounts to insurance adjustors' responses.

When you choose our law firm in Oklahoma City, know that our injury lawyers will always be in your corner. We have seen the catastrophic effects of poorly handled motorcycle accident cases and do everything we can to achieve a fair settlement following an accident.

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The attorneys at Chiaf Law Offices, P.C., in Oklahoma City have dedicated their professional careers to protecting injured Oklahomans. We have many years of practicing in these areas of injury law and Social Security Disability:

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We offer free consultations for injured victims. To schedule your case review, request an appointment online or call us at (405) 524-1501.

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