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Social Security Disability Lawyer

A serious injury can affect your ability to work short-term or for the rest of your life, making it difficult to earn a livable wage. 

If you are disabled, social security disability lawyer Joey Chiaf in Oklahoma City, OK, can help you receive disability benefits.

Do you meet the requirements for social security disability? Joey Chiaf and the Chiaf Law Offices of Oklahoma City can help you find out...

person applying for social security disability

Is It Hard for Oklahomans to Get Approved for SS Benefits?

Unfortunately, yes. According to the Disability Benefits Center:

Infographic on disability benefits in Oklahoma

Reasons like these are why retaining Joey Chiaf, a social security disability lawyer who has represented clients facing these difficulties for decades, is more important than ever during these difficult times.

Qualifying for Disability Benefits

Disabling Condition

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a listing of impairments that qualify a person for disability. If your condition is listed, you may qualify. If not, the Social Security Administration will have to make a determination based on your individual case.

Current Work Status

If you are still working and earning more than $1,220 every month, you will not qualify for disability.

Severity of the Condition

To be considered disabled, your injury must prevent you from performing essential work-related functions such as lifting, sitting, walking, or thinking clearly for at least one year. 

Ability to Continue Your Job

If your disability prevents you from returning to the same job you held before, you may qualify. However, if you can return to your job, your claim may be denied. 

Ability to Perform Other Work

Even if you cannot return to the same work you were performing before your injury, the Social Security Administration will investigate whether your disability prevents you from doing any other type of work. If you can do other work, your claim may be disqualified. 

Confused about Filing a Social Security Disability Claim? Contact Attorney Joey Chiaf Today

Handling an initial social security claim or the appeals process without an attorney can be difficult. Without a thorough understanding of how these processes work, a claim can easily be denied. Our social security disability lawyer can help you correctly file a claim and improve your chances of collecting disability benefits. Our Oklahoma City law firm has helped clients deal with social security for over 20 years, and we are happy to offer all interested clients a free consultation.

To schedule your consultation, fill out our online form or call:

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Attorney Joey Chiaf

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A Working Man Lawyer with Your Best Interest at Heart

Joey knows what it is like to work hard to make a living, which is why he is a proud member of the non-profit Lawyers for Working Oklahomans association. As a member, he fights to make sure all injured workers from Oklahoma City and other parts of the Sooner State are accorded the rights and financial benefits they are due.

Another Glowing Review for Chiaf Law Offices

"Best lawyer to go to the won my case really fast. I got what I deserve for my disability I have....They did not do me wrong." Dawn T.

Injured and Unable to Work? Hire an Attorney Who Will Fight for You

Social security disability lawyer Joey Chiaf is that attorney. With over two decades of experience fighting for workers' social security disability benefits in Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas, he is the right man to call when you are in financial need.

Why wait any longer? Contact Joey today using our handy online form or call us anytime. It is time to experience the security that Social Security was created to provide.

Don't wait. Find out if you're entitled to benefits today.

Checklist: What to Bring to Your Consultation

Social Security number or cards
Birth certificate 
Contact information for doctors, caseworkers, and other healthcare providers 
Medical records and dates of medical visits
Names and dosage information for any medications you are taking
Any test or lab results associated with your disability
Work history 
Copies of W-2 forms and other tax returns

Our Oklahoma City team will help you fill out your application and any other forms that are needed to qualify for social security disability. 

​What Exactly Is Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal program operated by the Social Security Administration. SSDI is intended to provide aid to those who become disabled and are no longer able to work.

SSDI is different from Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Supplemental Security Income is a program designed to provide assistance to disabled people who earn little or no income. While Social Security Disability Insurance is funded by social security taxes that you have previously paid into, Supplemental Security Income is funded by general tax revenues. 

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Quick Facts about SSDI

  • Social Security Disability benefits can be provided on a temporary or permanent basis
  • SSDI is potentially available to any disabled person of any income level
  • The amount of SSDI a person receives is determined by a calculation involving their past earnings

Considering Filing a Social Security Disability Claim? ​Our Oklahoma City Law Firm Can Help You:

Simplify the Process

Applying for social security disability is not an easy process, and many filings are rejected because they are not filled out in a proper or timely manner. Hiring an attorney can improve your chances of getting your filing approved. 

File an Appeal

If your claim was denied, an attorney can help you plan and submit your appeal. Social security disability lawyer Joey Chiaf and his team in Oklahoma City are well-versed in social security disability law and can provide the knowledge and resources needed to strengthen your claim. 

Rebuild Your Life

A disabling injury can affect your ability to work and sustain your quality of life. By helping you recover full and fair compensation, our law firm can help you rebuild your life. 

Don't Risk Your Social Security Benefits  CONTACT OUR OKLAHOMA CITY ATTORNEY TODAY

SSD benefits can help you pay for essential goods such as food, clothes, and medical care, so it is essential that you secure the correct amount. A social security disability lawyer can help you:

  • Apply for social security disability
  • Review an initial offer from the social security office
  • File an appeal to help you recover the benefits you deserve

We can review your case at no cost and we will not collect attorney fees unless we are able to secure SSD benefits on your behalf. To talk to one of our team members about your case, request an appointment online or call us:

(405) 524-1501

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Need One Good Reason to Hire the Chiaf Law Offices, P.C. Team? We Stand Behind Disabled Workers

"You don't pay me anything unless we win, and I don't like losing!" Joey Chiaf

You May Also Qualify If You Have: 

  • Anxiety Disorders 
  • Asthma 
  • Chronic Heart Failure 
  • Chronic Liver Disease 
  • Chronic Respiratory Disorders 
  • Depressive Disorders 
  • Heart Transplant 
  • Joint Dysfunction 
  • Lupus
  • Neurocognitive Disorders 
  • Personality Disorders 
  • Psychotic Disorders 
  • Respiratory Failure 

Was Your Social Security Claim Denied?

man with crutches staring out window
It could be because there are so many rules and specifications concerning each type of impairment. Joey Chiaf, the social security lawyer at our Oklahoma City practice can help you navigate complex social security laws and determine whether you are eligible for disability benefits.


The national average of initial disability claims that are denied is 64%

*According to the Social Security Disability Center

Hiring attorney Joey Chiaf during your initial application or appeal can help you ensure the best possible outcomes for your social security claim. 

Are There Other Requirements for Receiving Disability Benefits? 

Yes. The amount of time you've worked can influence your social security disability benefits eligibility. In order to qualify for social security disability benefits, you will need to have enough "work credits."

The social security requirements for work credits change from year to year and from state to state, but they are based on how much income you've earned from your employer or from self-employment. 

In general, most disabled persons need 40 credits to qualify, and 20 of those credits should have been earned in the past 10 years. However, the requirements for younger disabled persons are different, and a social security disability lawyer with our Oklahoma City firm can help you determine whether you are eligible for benefits. 

Disability credits infographic

Take the Anxiety out of Your Case

"No worries because they take care of Everything while you have time to recover. Everyone is courteous and helpful. Very professional." Micah B., Client

Common Questions about Social Security

How long will it take for my Social Security application to be processed?

According to the SSA, the time it takes to receive a response about a disability claim varies from case to case, but at the very least it will take several months if not a few years. Retaining a social security lawyer can help ensure that the government responds as quickly as possible.

Will receiving workers' compensation or other public disability benefits affect my social security disability benefits?

Potentially. Depending on the amount of workers' compensation or other benefits you are granted, the SSA may reduce your social security disability benefits. 

What happens when I reach retirement age?

If you are awarded Social Security disability benefits, you will receive those benefits until you reach retirement age, at which point you will receive social security retirement benefits. You cannot receive both kinds of benefits at the same time.

What if my initial social security disability offer seems fair?

If you applied for SSD benefits before speaking to an attorney and you received an offer that seems reasonable, we still recommend that you pause and speak to a social security disability lawyer like Joey Chiaf. He can review your offer and determine whether it is truly enough to cover all of the losses related to your disability. You have nothing to lose by speaking to a lawyer, so contact Chiaf Law Offices today to review your initial offer free of charge.

Can my family members receive SSD benefits?

Yes. Even if you are the only family member that is disabled, certain family members may qualify for social security disability benefits. To find out if your spouse or children qualify for social security disability, talk to a lawyer about your unique circumstances.

How Much Are Attorney Fees for Social Security Disability?

In addition to free consultations, we offer contingency-based legal services. This means that we do not charge any fees unless we are able to secure social security benefits on your behalf. 

We understand that clients on disability have limited incomes, so we offer reasonable legal fees that are affordable on nearly any budget. 

You don't pay unless we help you secure social security benefits.

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Best lawyer to go to the won my case really fast. I got what I deserve for my disability I have...They did not do me wrong.

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The attorneys at Chiaf Law Offices, P.C., in Oklahoma City have dedicated their professional careers to protecting injured Oklahomans. We have many years of practicing in these areas of injury law and Social Security Disability:

  • Workers' Compensation (37+ years) 
  • Personal Injury (37+ years) 
  • Social Security Disability (20 years) 

We offer free consultations for injured victims. To schedule your case review, request an appointment online or call us at (405) 524-1501.

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